28 August 2014

Time flies

Surely does!!
Work is busy, so many things to do so little time
There’s an holiday approaching, a short one but again with lots of things on
There’s ‘To do lists’ everywhere, before holiday, during and after…..
Life is going at a pace, that to be quite honest, it’s too fast for my own liking.
Life hasn't always been like this
I didn’t like my thirties, yes I had everything, but I had nothing, if that makes sense.
My forties, I surely am making up for the lost time.
I’m enjoying every single minute, and it gets better and better.
Life has been good, and I am so grateful, for every single moment.
A few years ago, I could only dream of what I wanted my life to be.
Today I’m living the dream.
Simply, peacefully and just appreciating every single detail of it.


This picture was taken in my garden yesterday, I’m assuming it’s the last rose this year.
Just beautiful!!
We haven’t had the greatest of the summers in the UK, but this just sums it all up.
In Life when things don’t go the way you want to go, never give up, there’s light in the end of the tunnel
Life is Beautiful
Enjoy it xx

17 August 2014

Quilts Ladder

I was after one of these for a long time, I just think it’s such a great idea.
Whenever you feel cold, they are just there. Handy, tidy and you don’t have to go through your cupboards to get one
And they look good too.
More chances for you to admire your work



I’m pleased with the results!!
It only has four rungs, could do with a few of these Winking smile
Hope you are having a great weekend x

10 August 2014


Yesterday, and for once I did what I was told. It’s not very often, that I do , let me tell you.
With my dressmaking, I was have the problem, that the fabrics I have, are very good, like Liberty.
And because I’m a novice, I think hundreds of time before starting something, and then I was change my mind.
So yesterday and after a trip to my Loft, I picked up some material, that if the project was going to go wrong it wouldn’t hurt
So I did, I wanted to these shorts.
I couldn’t be happier, I can now do some nice ones with Liberty Fabric, feel confident to do so.
Unfortunately the weather couldn’t be any wetter, due to Bertha hitting us today, but once the weather improves I will take proper pictures.
By that time I might have another pair. Winking smile
These are ideal for holidays, to wear around the house, and they are so confortable.
They are not made from a beautiful material, but you know what I really like them, and the contrast with the beige, did it for me.
And I got a chance to try my new sewing machine feet, and it makes such a difference to have all the right tools.
Very Happy girl here today Smile





Apologies for the lighting but today is not the best day to take pictures, but it’s a great day to get back to sewing Winking smile
Have a great Sunday x

6 August 2014

Time for a challenge

Well I do have to start with the sewing.

The problem is the fabric I have is too good for a beginner like me

So nothing better than hitting the charity shops

Excellent quality, lots of material, and most important …… cheap!!

And I do like a challenge Winking smile

So I bought this nice shirt, the biggest size that I could find, and I do love my stripes, as you know




I haven’t got a clue what I’m going to do.

First there’s a bit of unpicking to do

Wish me luck

And let’s see what this shirt will look like, once I decide to strip it

I do love a challenge!!!

2 August 2014

Long time …..

I could give you a list of excuses why I haven’t been around, I could… but I’m not going to.
Because every single one of you, know how the days just fly, there should be more hours
But there isn’t. And before you notice a month has gone by.
Life has been good, with lots going on, but above all, dedicating time to those people that really matter in your Life, gives you that sense of achievement and happiness in the end of the day.
If you told me a year ago, how I would be feeling today, I probably wouldn’t believe
Every day we learn something, every day you meet wonderful people.
I’m so lucky!!!
Don’t think Life has been easy, far from it, but I do believe if you believe in yourself and in your dreams, sooner or later, Life gives it all back
I’m at that stage, very calm, very content, and my God, I’m going to make the most of every single minute.
So what I can tell you, it doesn’t matter how much Life throws at you, be strong and always keep your dream in your mind, and even if you give a very small step every day, don’t give up, one day you’ll get there.
Never give up!!!
Saying that, going back to my hobby or hobbies, just seem to want to do everything now.
Dressmaking course is just great, feel so good, and learning with who knows what they are talking about, it’s wonderful
Been seeing a lot of t shirt projects on the net, via blogs, pinterest and so on, so I decided to try
Started…. not even knowing what I was going to make…… just so me….. think as you go along, seems to work wonderful with me.
I just bought one, that was the only one in the shop, but somehow one was all I needed
One day this might not work, but until then, let’s take chances lol




My opinion about this yarn, well, not the easiest to work with, heavy, I did it in three evenings, but it hurt my hand and my arm.
I have had problems with my arm, so it didn’t help
Don’t say I will never work with it again, no. Never say never, but ……
I love how it turned out, and I know of a sweet little girl that is going to be so happy to have this in her new bedroom
Have a great weekend everybody xx

21 June 2014

My new Liberty Tunic

Long time since my last post, but Life has been busy
This time of the year, with friends, holidays, work, sometimes it just gets like this
The course has re started and we are now learning and making trousers
Apart from that haven’t done much re: sewing, but one lovely Lady has done one lovely tunic for me.
And Liberty too.

Liberty Tunic

I just Love it

12 May 2014

And my favourite ….

I do love to work with scraps, it gives me such a buzz, to transform, something that some would probably throw away, but I see the potential, and I create
So I did. And again it never let’s me down
I think it’s quite a photogenic bag




Happy Friend, and that’s all it matters

8 May 2014


Well, what can I say, apologise probably it would be a good start
So long without news, so many things happening, yet so little time to come and say hello in the blog
Well, I have to say with Facebook and Instagram, they don’t help, do they? But they are fantastic….
The holiday seems a distant memory, Easter has come and gone, and the year just seems to be flying.
Since October 2013, I decided to loose a few kilos. Probably one of my best decisions, actually this last year I have to say that in the whole, it has been, I would say the best year of my Life.
Lots of good things have happened, some not so good, but then this is Life
So keeping the weight off, has proved to be ok, thought it would be much harder, started to eat much healthier, cutting a lot of the sugars, note no gyms, all I do is walking and bike rides, but it is impressive, how much better one feels, started on holiday, with those long walks in the beach, not getting tired, that gave me such a boost, can’t even describe.
I still have days, that are disasters ie some weekends, but it’s ok, have to compensate during the week. Never thought that I could get like this, eating so many seeds, vegetables, and controlling myself in the sweet department.
Yes the shop you may ask? Waiting for a good day to take photographs, have a few bits to start but just need to focus on the photography now
That will be happening very soon. Need to put my skates on.
Been getting a lot of good comments, about my work, which is nice, and probably not wanting to be so perfect with my sewing would be a great idea.
Craftwise, have been doing stuff for the shop, testing new materials, and just getting ideas.
Just feel that I want to make the most of ‘this’ moment, because with so much happening, and so many good things, I just need to relax and absorb this peace that I feel at the moment.
I will be keeping you posted, much more often than I have, I miss writing here.
This weekend I’ll be making a bag, for a Special young Lady, I love doing things for the people I really like.
Have asked her for one pocket of an old pair of trousers, to make it personal, and just going to do with scraps (my favourite), gives me such a buzz, and have lots. And let’s hope after being told about the measurements, that I can come up with something pretty good.


I will show you hopefully by Sunday.
Just be a bit patient with me, I’m here, just a bit too busy at the moment, but soon all will be back to normal, well if I knew what normal was Winking smile
Have a lovely evening

19 April 2014

Happy Easter

Image from net

I would like to Wish you All a Happy Easter

Hope you are having a Good One