13 April 2014

Easy Sunday …

This time of the year the visits to the Garden Centre are a must
I love it …….. my hay fever not so much, but I don’t mind the suffering after









And this one I just couldn’t resist


Have a lovely shorter week
Smile xx

11 April 2014

Still here ….

Well … what can I say it’s has been so long…

The holiday was just, and once again so relaxing, I just love that place, gives me that peace that feeling of total inner peace that I so much love.

So fully recharged ……. I’m now back to reality

Now all I need is that kick, to transform, my dreams into reality

I will be opening my shop very soon that is going to happen very soon

The dressmaking is going slow, obviously missed two important classes while I was away, but I‘ll catch up, also want to do some things for me, and unfortunately time doesn’t stretch, as much as I would like

So while I’m thinking of all the things that I have to do, I seem to be taking Life, in a different pace, a much slower one, appreciating what surrounds me, the people that are in my Life, just enjoying and realizing how lucky I really am.

Enjoying every single minute, because Life is too short (a small remark here, for those that don’t know. That Malaysian flight that has disappeared, really made me realize, even more, my previous sentence, I was flying with Air Malaysia, on the same date, at the same time, to Kuala Lumpur, as that plane that disappeared makes you think… or it made me think, how lucky I am. And I feel so so sorry for the people and their families on that flight, just so so sad)

Meanwhile in this beautiful country, and Spring has to be one of my favourites seasons, everything is just so colourful and pretty and I just love it, I leave you today with two pictures that I’ve taken recently.

Have a great weekend everybody x







6 March 2014

Holiday time

Photo: Chaweng Beach! :D
This blog is going on holiday for two weeks
And this is going to be the view

24 February 2014

My first Sewing Project

Finally I have finished
I have to admit, it’s not to my taste , but it will be
It has been a great learning curve, I suppose it’s all about practice, which I need a lot
This piece will be transformed, needs some experienced and talented hands
Not mine just yet.
Put it down to practice
But here it is, next time you see it, it surely will look different


Have a great week x

20 February 2014

My New Dress

Well since I was young Denim has been my favourite fabric.
For the last few years, Liberty Fabric is my passion
So, why not mix both of my favourite fabrics.
I love this dress, I truly do.
One day I hope to be as half as good as, the Lovely Lady that made this one for me.
Till then, she made my dream come true
I would pose with the dress but the whiteness of my body would just be too much for you to cope Smile
I will take a picture in my Paradise, yes two weeks and I’ll be jetting off to Thailand
Can’t wait, meanwhile, here is the dress sans model Smile


Totally in Love with …..

9 February 2014

What have I been up to?

Well it has been a busy week
Lots of things going on at the same time
At the Uni we now started, after taking our measurements, we started with the skirts, before we start playing with the real stuff


And something I wanted to do for ages, and with Liberty Jersey
My Infinity Scarf …. just love it


And to finish this great week, the perfect end
Nigella’s Chocolate Cake without flour
Just out of the oven


Have a good week everybody x

2 February 2014

Fabric Shopping in London

What better way to start the weekend, with a girlfriend, Fabric Shopping in London
Seriously does it get any better?
First stop…..where else but Liberty Fabric, seriously this is just the BEST, but the HARDEST
Seriously it’s just a very painful process, everywhere you turn, you just fall in love…. well I do.
It’s heart breaking, First you look at everything, then you look again and dream, after a few good minutes, you come back to earth, and that’s when the process of choosing start
You pick a few, you chat, you debate, you think, you use your common sense (almost impossible) by then, and finally you decide
It’s a long process, but the adrenaline is just running in your veins
It’s a super starting point.
Exhausted after that start, we then try Goldhawk Road, apparently and now we understand why, all the sewing people go.
It’s a Fabric Wonder world, ok let’s not compare it, with Liberty totally different but….
But well well worth it, for the fabric, the prices, the quality
Ok you have to enter in some not so big shops, divided most in three floors, with tiny staircases, in our case, we had rucksacks, after all we were going Fabric Shopping, and let’s say it gets tight in some of those stairs, some funny smells but nothing unbearable
We were wise and checked other blogs to see which ones were the favourites, so we ‘attacked’ those first, and they were right
There’s good, there’s bad and there’s very bad fabric choices but …. there’s something for everybody, that’s for sure
You just have to be patient, because in the end, the price compensates
So if you are in the Sewing World, patchwork, dressmaking , etc.…. it’s well well worth a visit
Pop in to Shepherds Bush Market, if you haven’t had enough by then, worth a look too, they too sell Fabric
Overall it was a Fantastic Day out, and my picks apart from a few more notions were these:


What a great Saturday it was.
Can’t wait for the next Fabric Shopping Experience Smile

Happy February

Wow it has been a long time, since my last post
Life just seems to be going too fast at the moment …. way to fast actually
Unfortunately not much sewing lately
Apart from Patchwork, I am at Uni doing a Pattern Cutting Course, and the second term is not as easy as the first, now we are more hands on, and with a lot more to do. If that wasn’t enough I also have to watch my online sewing courses, so at the moment, everyday I’m learning something new, and what a great feeling that is
So the blog suffers a bit, I have to admit, Facebook and Instagram, get update a bit more often.
But considering that I will be on holiday in a bit more than a month’s time, and thinking about that, and something I needed it, here is what I’ve done with 4 napkins, of excellent material and chance to try for the first time my French Seams, that I think are brilliant, because of that and the fabric being strong, there was no need to insert lining, which was great
Really pleased with the end result, here are a couple of Laundry Bags



Until next time, be Happy Smile

12 January 2014

Ideas from Selfridges

I do like Selfridges shop windows
Always so imaginative
And today they didn’t disappoint either
I think that this is the perfect solution for me, use the umbrella quite a lot, the same can’t say about watering the plants


This one would be of great interest from my part too


Well also another interesting one, to cool down those hot cuppas


These following ones not so much for me
Not my style Winking smile



And the last one, would not be the best wake up method for me …. nothing gentle about it Winking smile


Great imagination

7 January 2014

Still …. about last Christmas

Prior t Christmas I was busy, with most of my presents being homemade.
Started earlier in the year, but the smaller ones were left to the end
The kids, had all special mats, and one of the sides was done with chalk fabric.
I have to admit brilliant to work with


There was (only) eight of them Winking smile
Then some of the ladies had these


Handy for tea lovers to have on their handbags

And then for a Very Special Person and her knitting, a bag she kept asking me to do her one
Her wish came true this year Winking smile


The rest you had the chance to see while I was doing them
It was a good year in terms of sewing
Let’s see what 2014 brings
Some dressmaking I guess Winking smile